Universal dbViewer Eclipse plugin


Current version is : 1.0.3

No new versions will be released for the moment. Not tested with eclipse versions higher than 3.1.1

Plugin tested with postgres, mysql, odbc, oracle, sql server, sybase, firebird (jdbc drivers included) in Eclipse 3.0 on Windows.
Also tested by users with db2 (config file).

Allows you to :
Screen captures : 1, 2
This plugin is free and in beta version (still in developement, frequent updates). Dont hesitate to contact me (with the form below) if you find a bug or a limitation.
To install the plugin, put the folder org.lr.dbViewerPlugin_1.0.3 in the eclipse plugins folder.
Some users reported problems to launch the plugin after uncompress it under the eclipse plugins folder. This might be solved by installing the Eclipse SDK plugin.